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West Prairie South Elementary is a wonderful place for a child to spend their day learning. The learning environment allows children to be the best version of themselves.  All of this happens under the guidance of our supportive energetic faculty.  

The faculty and administration believe in a balanced learning environment where not only rigorous academics are promoted but also mental health and physical fitness as keys to a successful life.  There are numerous educational practices in place to make learning fun and relevant while striving to show the importance of building relationships and promoting a growth mindset.  Check out what we have to offer at W.P.S.E.!

Differentiated Learning This really should be called differentiated teaching, because it simply means instructional practices allow for small group instruction. These small groups ensure lessons that meet students at their instructional level. 

During our Daily 5 Reading rotations students rotate to a variety of on-level learning tasks trying to accomplish goals they’ve help choose with guidance from their teacher.  This is also a great time  to provide extra support by scaffolding students who need a little extra individual attention to catch up with their peers.  Math instruction follows  a very similar format.  This management system is called the Daily 3.  In Math, motivational tools like the  “Kicking It Math” program inspire students to do some old fashioned memorization of facts to improve their math fluency. 

Technology Integration:  All students in First through Fourth grade have their own personal iPad for use during the school day.  Technology is utilized throughout the day to create captivating learning experiences that encourage student engagement.

Attitude Matters:  At West Prairie South Elementary the learning environment promotes a growth mindset, or a belief that success happens through extra time and effort.  Staff members are trained  in a global initiative, Reaching In/ Reaching Out, to help our students build resilience, or what you might call grit, to help them overcome life’s setbacks with a positive determined attitude to thrive under any condition.  To help build home to school connection, a parents’ training called, Bounce Back and Thrive, is offered to enhance opportunities to support a generation of resilient children who will not let anything get in the way of achieving their dreams.

Caring Support:  The West Prairie staff and community are dedicated to providing extra support to children in need.  Members of our Promoting Achievement in Literacy (PALs) initiative arrive at our school daily to provide individualized reading instruction under the guidance of our Reading Specialist.  H.O.P.E. mentors meet with identified students to provide extra encouragement on a weekly basis.  Backpacks are sent home on a weekly basis to students in need of nutritional assistance on the weekend.  A de-escalation room provides a calm environment where students can rest an over stimulated sensory system with a variety of physical and mental calming techniques under the direction of a staff member.  Staff members Check in/ Check out daily with students who have self-regulation plans giving them a caring connection for support.  When the school day is completed, students and staff all join in the gym for five minutes of celebratory dance called the “Happy Dance”. 

West Prairie South Elementary provides the positive, caring environment children need to reach the dreams they deserve.

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