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Mrs. Caitlin Watson

West Prairie South Elementary is relentlessly focused on academic and social-emotional growth and fostering positive relationships to create a school where everyone wants to be.

Welcome to West Prairie South Elementary, home of the Cyclones!  West Prairie South Elementary is located in Colchester, Illinois and houses approximately 180 Pre-K through 6th grade students.  

Our dedicated staff is passionate about providing a safe, supportive, and enriching environment where students can thrive academically, socially, and emotionally.  We aim for academic excellence by providing rigorous curriculum and support that meets the needs of all of our students.  Communication is key to a successful partnership between home and school.  We value your input and are confident that together, we can work collaboratively to ensure the success of every student at West Prairie South Elementary. 


Teacher, Principal, Superintendent, and child

Mrs. Purdy has been a great addition to the South Elementary Pre-K program! Although Mrs. Purdy is new to our district, she has several years of teaching experience and is able to share her knowledge and ideas with colleagues. Mrs. Purdy always has a positive attitude and makes learning fun for our youngest students

- Caitlin Watson

Child holding artwork

Nick's pencil drawing of Messi was displayed at the Regional Board of Education Dinner in Feb. 2024!

Child holding artwork

Emmalyn's painting of flowers was displayed at the Regional Board of Education Dinner in Feb. 2024!